Road to Scottish Independence 2: The Better Together Campaign.

henryhunter (2)It’s not fair for me to ramble on about Scottish Independence without at least trying to wrap my head around the Better Together campaign. For those who don’t reside in Great Britain, the Better Together campaign should still be fairly self-explanatory. It is a group of people who don’t think we’d be better apart. It’s that simple. Kind of like if Stockholm Syndrome upped and grew legs and political aspirations.

However, though they may claim in their mission statement that they don’t think Scots are too dumb or incapable to run their own affairs, despite the individual voices which make up the whole, they simply believe that as the United Kingdom we can do anything! Apart, we can accomplish nothing.

Obviously this doesn’t sit well with some because some are aware of what Scots are capable of. It isn’t patriotism or nationalism to desire freedom from the Right Wing Conservative Haven that London has become. This is what many in the Better Together camp don’t fully grasp. It isn’t an anti-English thing, from our point of view the back and forth between England and Scotland is the only thing that really brings us together. We mock them for their inability to drink or contribute in the way Scotland has on the world stage, and they mock us for our currency, garb and penchant for deep frying everything we can.

Better Together are positive that the UK will be, well, better together. However, Time Travel isn’t publicly available, nor is any kind of remote viewing as far as I am aware, so how they would be so certain of this Future World of British Utopia I am not entirely sure. I can hope that The Tories will fix everything by cutting whatever they feel like cutting, dismantling the NHS and making sure bankers stay well fed and out of jail. But even if they did manage, I still want no part of their plan. They can believe what they want, who are we to say that people can’t believe the insistence of their own fear and insecurity. After all, that is what drives the war effort.

My biggest issue is the fact that these people are called Better Together. This isn’t fair. It isn’t fair to anyone. Like turning up at a fist fight with a bag of explosives. Naturally there are people on both sides who see that heinous handle as nothing more than the despicable propaganda it is, but we have to remember that there are people alive right now who believe what they read in the papers. Propaganda is a life force for some people, they are oblivious to it and while I do feel a kind of wincing embarrassment for them, and a little sadness, I know too well that they are the type who swing elections.

The name Better Together suggests that there is absolutely no way that Scotland could thrive by splitting from the UK. By suggesting that you are claiming some kind of ability to see into the future. Any one I have spoken to who is thinking of voting Yes are all still kind of on the fence, we await further information. Our mission statement and campaign name isn’t ‘Not Better Together‘, because we are in favour of finding out what we can before we make an informed decision. There are negatives to going solo as there are positives, but they are all totally hypothetical at this juncture.

But the main issue driving this whole thing is that there are people in the No Camp who are basing their vote on their feelings for Alex Salmond, like demented imbeciles. Alex Salmond isn’t going to live forever, but your future relatives, the ones that the Better Together Spin Doctors are claiming to have firsthand Andrew Basiago-esque knowledge of, they will have to live with the decision you make. But they don’t matter. Neither does Alex Salmond and his SNP, don’t just read one side. His or theirs. You are not defined by the political party you support. They are defined by you. I can’t stand the idea of people claiming to be the party they vote for. If you have voted for the same party every time you vote you should have your vote stripped from you and handed to someone with passion and a desire to make a difference, like a 16/17 year old.

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