Cannabis Colleges in Oakland’s “Oaksterdam” Closed by Feds

Oakland, CA (Apr 3) – U.S. Marshals along with the DEA, and IRS raided two separate locations in Oakland’s “Oaksterdam” yesterday morning closing the Cannabis Colleges along with, confiscating the contents of both locations.

The move comes less than a week following Oakland City Councils approval of an additional two locations to provide both dispensaries of medical marijuana along with providing, training for marijuana users in the techniques of cultivation for personal use.

Federal agents were met by supporters of the medical marijuana outside the police lines, carrying signs and shouting slogans as agents hauled away plastic bags of materials used to cultivate along with, what can be assumed to be both, marijuana plants and processed marijuana ready for distribution to the cities ill.

Federal officials a few months back, had begun sending notification to businesses throughout California that have been actively engaged in medical marijuana distribution that, their locations were in violation of federal laws and owners were subject to arrest. Those notified were given the chance to close down operations in order to avoid prosecution.

The move signaled a change in the Obama administration’s announcement during the beginning of his rule, that the government was to concentrate on illegal importers of narcotics while, looking the other direction when it came to interfering with states whose laws allowed the use, and distribution of medical marijuana.

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