Assad’s Death Squads Murder at least three more Families in Cold Blood

Independent news sources able to get what little information is available out to the rest of the world reported last night, members of Assad’s Death Squad known as the “al-Shabiha” broke into three separate homes killing all family members including children.

President Assad’s acts of ethnic cleansing styled after, Germany’s Adolf Hitler continues his onslaught on innocent civilians in the town of Homs. Assad, a Shiite Muslim has sent assassins in to Homs assassinating hundreds of Sunnis Muslims over the last several months.

Reports from civilians able “Skype” indicate Assad’s military is pounding the city indiscriminately with artillery fire in preparation for a final tank assault as, T-72 tanks loaded on flatbeds, roll towards the city of nearly 1 million.

Assad’s Death Squads have also taken rooftop positions within Homs killing civilians as they attempt to help the wounded, rescue family members, or simply go out to shop for bread.

Currently, the United Nations have failed to keep Assad in check nor, have Arab league members been able to successfully negotiate a cease-fire within this tiny Middle Eastern nation allowing his military to remain unchecked slaughtering thousands of civilians.

The residents of Homs are expecting a final assault and murderous sweep conducted by the military on the orders of Syrian President Assad.

Citizens attempting to plea for help from the outside world have reported numerous bombs continued to pound the city hitting at least one hospital leaving untold numbers of people dead in the streets.

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