Unemployment Extensions Set to Expire, Millions more American’s heading toward Poverty

Washington, DC (Oct 11) – This evening, the Senate failed to move forward on cloture regarding S. 1660 (American Jobs Act of 2011) the modified “Obama’s Jobs Bill”. All Republican Senators along with, two Democratic Senators voted against the motion stalling the bill for the foreseeable future.

As Senate Republicans silently rejoiced another victory in the Senate, the nation has once again witnessed a Senate that has failed to move on vital legislation to provide an avenue of hope for the nearly 30 million unemployed and under-employed.

The continued GOP blockade of legislative business in the nation’s capitol, via the use of a relatively new Senate procedure, the “Super-Majority” has stalled not only this bill but also, nearly every nomination that has been placed in front of this body from the White House.

Technically, the vote is being held open to allow Senator Shaheen (H) to return to the Senate floor to vote however, with all Republicans voting against the cloture motion along with two Democratic Senators, using the super-majority rule, the bill is essentially dead in the water.

Obama’s original Jobs Bill was held-up by Majority Leader Reid with the hopes of making the necessary adjustments to win over Senate Republicans that have in the past, fought further aid for the nearly 30 million unemployed/under-employed Americans claiming any further legislation must be “paid for” in full without adding to the deficit. Majority Leader Reid’s version of the bill would have avoided adding any further burden to the national debt.

The Majority Leaders version of the bill would have imposed a 5.6 percent withholding on tax on persons making over $1 million annually, which still did not provide the catalyst to convince Senate Republicans to simply move forward on the bill.

The EUC (Emergency Unemployment Compensation) currently in effect, is set to expire by the end of the year. The results of failing to move forward on the bill has essentially assured tough-times ahead for the nation’s employment picture make most Americans wonder if, this was simply another political ploy to ensure defeat for our Democratic President in 2012.

It is widely known regarding a statement from Minority Leader Mitch McConnell Jr., nearly three years ago, he along with his political party were prepared to do whatever is necessary to win back full control of the nation’s capitol. His plans appear to be working as President Obama’s ratings have taken a serious dip in recent polls.

J. Alexander – The Associated News Network

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