Lady Gaga “A Bill Romance”

As an internet spectator of Yahoo’s live simulcast of President Clinton’s 65th Birthday and 10-year celebration of the Clinton Foundation’s global initiative “A Decade of Difference”, one performance really stood out amongst the stars, Lady Gaga’s rendition of “True Romance” to which, the singer re-titled “Bill Romance” in honor of the 42nd President of the United States.

Not to say, the rest of the show was not spectacular both on stage and on the internet as Yahoo! ™ did an outstanding job streaming the performance worldwide. However, as Lady Gaga and company danced out onto the walkway surrounding the orchestra pit to face the former President along with, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Daughter Chelsea, reflected upon me as the pinnacle of all the performances.

A host of celebrities both attended and participated in the event making this one of the most memorable birthday party’s of this century. The entire concert can be viewed on Yahoo’s website at a replay of “The Difference” .

The following clip is provided by Yahoo for our reader’s enjoyment and if possible, please visit the Clinton Foundation website and provides a donation for a tremendous cause.

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