John Huntsman Typical Right-Wing Religious Republican Throws Hat into Ring | Unemployed Ranks to Grow

June 22, 2011 – The world is now looking at the possibility of another nation ruled by a leader of an ultra-conservative religious sect as presidential candidate John Huntsman, former Ambassador to China, throws his hat into the ring.

Huntsman, a Mormon with strong religious ties to the Church, staged his bid to rule the nation in the shadow of the Statue of Liberty yesterday as, most of the nation realized that the world is moving ever closer to a religious apocalyptic disaster.

This nation, the United States needs a leader with the ability to lead a nation into the future, not live by the past guided by some interpretation of novel written millenniums ago, and rewritten over time to fit the needs of the few while, not providing for reality. Nations living in abject poverty for decades now are rising up in violent rebellion have lived this life of torture and biased decision-making.

Albeit, our current leader certainly came to power via the assistance of millions of voters at the time, had not yet even left the academia world with little to no ties to the nations much needed industries to provide the guidance, and more importantly, the connections to guide this nation out of the worse economic mess in history.

However, his predecessor, a “religious” man, ruled the nation much like the rulers of nations currently under siege around the globe. Relying on his religious beliefs, the interpretation of that magic “novel” scripted by the few, led the minority moneymakers of this nation to the pot of gold all the while, driving the rest, middle-class America, to the streets to beg for employment and food.

It was just a mere 24-hours ago, the Religious Party of America, the GOP had shot down another jobs oriented bill while, shoring-up their flock of million, and billionaires while aiding in the creation of a nation of paupers. Grant it, the nation guarantees freedom of religious beliefs from prosecution however, more importantly it mandates a separation from church and state, an issue that has been by-passed over the past decade leading the country down the road of economic disaster.

Now, instead of a popular well educated economic leader, well groomed in the fields of essential business to lead this nation away from the brink of disaster, the Republican Party ponders another potential religious leader. A candidate from a particular religion that in fact in their rudiment form believes that the male is the ruler of society along with, the “elite” led to riches. Let us face facts as they are, the foundation of the Mormon Church is for a lack of better words, is akin to that of the Taliban minus, the stoning, forced rape, and mutilation of extremities as punishment for crimes. Within the beliefs of true Mormon’s, a woman needs a man’s permission and blessing to simply enter “heaven” albeit, whatever that may be.

For a nation searching for economic answers for the few, time and time again history has proven the injection of religious leaders into a society has had poor results in supporting the masses meanwhile, creating or amassing massive amounts of wealth for the few. The United States is still battling this to a degree in the Halls of Congress. The religious right, the Republican Party continues to battle against changes in policies to aid the masses while, continuing their crusades to protect the riches of the few.

This nation will not now, or in the near or distance future, balance its budget, create jobs, provide aid in the form of employment to the masses while relying on religious beliefs, or leadership lacking the industrial connections necessary to stimulate the economy.

Once the nation’s masses return to the workforce, the nation’s debt will come quickly, once again, under control as tax coffers begin to fill from withholdings, not handouts, handouts frankly most religions rely on gathered via a dish or television commercial. It is that belief, not forcing the masses to believe in one faiths “interpretation” of “god” that will rescue this nation, and this nation needs a leader that will maintain the “separation of church and state”.

The nation will continue to spiral downward if; the masses allow the few to comingle the two based once again, by the guidance of religous leaders, the few that for all practical purposes raised their fortunes via hand-outs in the form of donations to keep their mansions shiny, and Cadillac’s full of fuel.

Our current nation’s leader announced within hours of his election that, the voters would decide his fate regarding a second-term based upon his handling of the economy. Moreover, the former Senator from Illinois may have learned the hard way, this nation is led by the few, and to prosper the few are the leaders of an industrial leadership that believes in the mantra “Made in the USA” not, “Made Overseas”.

Will 2012 once again provide a choice of an incumbent led by the masses of “pre-schoolers” of the nation’s economy or, right-wing religious leaders ready to lead their “flock” to riches and the masses to the slaughterhouse?

Perhaps, a strong candidate with a history of managing hundreds of thousands of prosperous employees would emerge from the dust, to throw their hat into the ring and lead this nation away from the brink of disaster all the while, maintaining the constitutional mandate of “separation of church from state”?

Is this nation of voters capable of rescuing this nation, probably not? The system to which we choose leaders is so vulnerable to corruption it will be the person capable of purchasing the Oval Office that will eventually win this election while most likely, relying on the votes of millions of the nations middle-class that are under-educated to the truth, hiding within a religious institute praying to their “god” for their salvation.

-Article provided via anonymous submission, views and opinions may not reflect the views of WorldNewsVine

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