Cameron Urges Tax Payers To Celebrate Tax Dodgers Wedding

David Cameron, Prime Minister of Great Britain, has called for the public to revert to Post-War Britain and take to the streets to celebrate Prince William marrying ‘what’s her name’.

“Get on and have fun,” he said. As we, all struggle to pay the bills. Have fun, buy bunting, and take your furniture out on to the pot-holed roads. Talk to your neighbors for the first time and act as if everything is fine, it is a celebration after all. We are all members of Great Britain. Let us make it ‘Great’ again by trying to act like it is the 1950′s, back when we were a thriving nation of winners who had just defeated the German and Japanese.

Cameron and his long faced wife will be holding a street party in Downing Street, which I suspect will be crammed full of crooks, and his urging seems to be fueled by reports that 4000 applications have been filed for a street party license, in England and Wales. It is doubtful that the celebrations will creep much past the border.

The Prime Minister called April 29 a chance to “celebrate the great things about our country.” A tax dodging heir to a throne created by land grabbing Germans, marrying a silver spoon heir to a multi-million pound nest-egg. Yeah! Great Britain’s Great, Britons! Wahoo.

The bitter tone of this piece is half my natural hatred of the Royal Family and their aversion to working, and half the choice of date. My birthday falls on 29 April and my plans to go to London are now in jeopardy as Ryanair, the low budget airline, has decided to change my flight because I got it cheap and they can sell them at a higher price. Small print. Even if they did not change my flight, I would still be reluctant. Royal wedding, London, mob handed Police, Royal supporters, and protests. Doesn’t sound like a way to ring in your birthday?

Look Out! An Out Of Control Car Didn't See Your Permit!!

Local councils have cut the red tape that one would usually have to endure to close off a street, which is nice of them. Now you can eat cake in the middle of the street, and not worry about being run over. Your local Government has your back, because without their permission cars would just drive straight over your jelly and ice cream (jello for all you Americans) because apparently people need permits to see that there is a gathering on the street. “Sorry officer I didn’t see their permit, so I ran them all over.”

This kind of nonsense is right up David Cameron’s Street. He ran his campaign on returning Britain to what he has heard it once was. This is a wet dream for him. The Monarchy divides the nation. It is not like the old days, now it is representative of the growing divide in classes. The supporters will try to claim that they pay their way with tourist money, but this is a fallacy. Buckingham Palace is a tourist trap, but it is not as the Queen is doing some kind of performance daily, although she probably should do something like, the Queen on stilts, juggling chainsaws. That would suggest to me that she cares about the situation the rest of us are in, solidarity and all that. As it stands the tourists, the Americans and Japanese, are happy to stand in front of the Palace and try to guess which window is the Queens bathroom, before going to eat Fish and Chips.

David Cameron’s Downing Street Party will be a gaudy spectacle no doubt. Union Flags strung together, party hats, cake and fake smiles, all paid for out of your pocket, but that does not entitle you to an invite. No, Downing Street will remain closed off to us, have your own party, he says. Stick to your own kind. That is what Great Britain is all about, the poor play with the poor and thanks the rich for allowing it, while the rich fill their faces and regularly forget that we even exist.

Henry Hunter. The Associated News Network United Kingdom.

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