Assassination Attempt In Tucson

(January 10) – When a white American does something crazy the reaction is always different to, say, when a black or brown person does something crazy.  This is no exaggeration, only recently Glenn Beck claimed that 10% of all Muslims are terrorists.  Which, if you want to be all pedantic about it and actually question what that lunatic actually says, is 10% of somewhere between 1.3 and 1.6 billion people.  The scary thing is not that this charlatan would say it, rather that his followers will believe it.

With the attempted assassination of Democrat Gabrielle Giffords in Tucson, which caused the deaths of 6 people, one being only 9 years old, the media are quick to label the shooter – Jared Loughner- as a loner who just decided to shoot a bunch of folk. A connection to the Christian Jihad promoting Facebook page belonging to one Sarah Palin, and in particular the fact that she basically says “shoot these people” by placing cross-hairs over their seats, will involve Mrs. Palin in the story more than she would like. Not that the picture was made with the intention of getting someone killed, at least one would hope not, it is simply what happens when the dumb follow the more dumber.

Congresswoman Giffords had been holding an open invitation meeting for constituents when Loughner opened fire, shooting Giffords in the head from close range, wounding 14 and killing 6, including Christina Taylor Green, 9 years old, and a Federal Judge.  Giffords survived the shooting, and the surgery, and is now recovering.

There have been many, many theories as to why Loughner took his pistol and killed all those people.  He seemed to have hated politicians, which is understandable, he is being called a left wing socialist by the right, and a right wing nut job by the left.  We here in the middle call him a brainless scumbag.  The type of brainless scumbag that can shoot women and children because he is not smart enough to actually accomplish something in his ridiculous existence.

Idiots With Guns.

Naturally, this loner smoked marijuana.  His paranoia and delusions are obviously brought on by this drug, according to the “news.”  Not the fact he lives in a country where the most popular news channel is Fox, and people like Beck and Palin are allowed to actually talk to people.  Weed always gets the blame, rather than someone on your TV, in your living room  saying that there are 160 million Muslims wanting to kill you, unless the tidal waves, or swarms of bees the size of cows get to you first if you leave the house, arm yourself.  Hail Fox. Fair and Balanced. Yeah!

A further tragedy was averted when a woman tackled Loughner while he was trying to reload, rather than retreating she grabbed one of his clips, he stuck another one in but the gun jammed and two men restrained him.

Jared Loughner faces charges of attempting to kill Congresswoman Giffords, killing Government Officials, a Judge and an aide, and attempting to kill two other Government officials.  Although not mentioned, I assume he will face the music for the 9-year-old child also.

Guns are great.  Look at how well they work.  You get to uphold a very debatable line that was written when it took about 15 minutes to reload a single shotgun, while the families of the dead get to plan a funeral.  Congratulations.   If the “All Men Are Created Equal” bit of the Declaration Of Independence can be so blatantly ignored on a daily basis, then surely you can just sort out the rules in regard to the “right to bear arms” in the constitution.  It would not be so bad if it were not people like Sarah Palin, who is as a modern day George W Bush, were not the people with the guns.  There should be some sort of General Knowledge quiz involved in gun license application..

Henry Hunter.  Scotland.

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