Birthers In The Military | Doctor Refuses To Deploy

(December 16) – A doctor in the US Army has been convicted by a Military Jury for refusing to deploy to Afghanistan because of his belief that Barack Obama is not an American.

Lt Col Terrence Lakin is one of a growing number of a group of people known as “birthers” who question the legality of Obama’s presidency, based on a very un-mysterious mystery regarding where the President was born.

Lakin pleaded guilty to the charge and faces up to three and a half years in prison and dismissal from the Army.

The “birther” movement has grown over the last couple of years, built on the belief that the State of Hawaii is involved in a sinister cover up, hiding the true place of birth of Obama.  The doctor has gone on record stating that he would “gladly deploy” if the original birth certificate was to be released and authenticated…  Then someone mentioned prison and Lakin changed his tune and said he will go to Afghanistan even if his request is refused.

The “birther” movement is essentially the 9/11 conspiracy theory for the right.  While people like Alex Jones will have you believe, you may as well kill yourself before the Bilderbergs suck your soul out through your wallet, or George W Bush, who struggled with the eating of a pretzel, was able to orchestrate an attack of such magnitude.  The “birthers” are a paranoid and subversive group of far right people who think that the black person running their country must have been born in Kenya, or somewhere else that you get black people but not Hawaii, they are in on it see?

After Lt Col Lakin’s change of heart, the 17-year veteran pleaded with the Jury to let him remain in the military, a fine example of sticking by your principals.

The “official” birthers website claims that the mainstream media are out to get them, taking advantage of their kind nature to get cheap laughs, the swine.  The Birther movement is based completely on the bit in the constitution that says the person in the big White building has to be born in the USA.  Which, legally, Obama seems to have been.  Unless Hawaii, the famously chilled and anti mainland bunch pulled off the greatest trick the devil ever pulled, and are actually involved in some sort of shady conspiracy in which Obama, a Kenyan Manchurian Candidate has hypnotized everyone into believing he was born in Hawaii.  You can see why the Schwerin in the mainstream media has a problem with these people.

In any case, the constitution is always up for interpretation.  It says citizens have the right to bear arms.  Which was not only written before automatic killing machines were invented, but it also has three meanings?  One, you have the right to own a gun.  Two, you have the right to have a hairy gay man hug you, and three, kill an actual bear and take the bastards arms…  You have the right to them.

The Birther Movement is one born out of lack of a better idea.  While it is unfair to label people racist when they might just be simple is unfair, it is difficult not to assume that the colour of Obamas skin is not a major factor.

Back on point, the jury will begin deliberating Lakins sentence on today.  One thing is for sure, while he may get to stay in the Army, it is highly unlikely that he will be welcome at many Birther Mixers in the near future after selling himself out so quickly at the thought of prison.

Henry Hunter.  The Associated News Network – Born in Scotland.

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